Father Lewis

Your contact in from the Church of Rellian. He is Both wise and noble towards the cause.


Father Lewis is a fairly weathered man in his late 70’s. He is 5’6" and weighs in at about 174lbs. He wears fairly old Priest Robes that he claims to be a gift from his late master and is generally unarmed on his travels and . He is generally well kept and has light gray hair.


Father Lewis was born into a poor family. He was the third son of a blacksmith and grew up learning the many skills of metallurgy. At the age of Sixteen, his family was brutally murdered by a gang of bandits leaving only him alive, alone, living in constant fear. For four years, he wandered from place to place looking for work and safe lodgings. It was in the Town of Alurcas that he discovered his true calling, when he was caught stealing a loaf of bread, a priest from the Church of Rellian took pity protecting him from the local guards and a life in prison. In return, the Priest asked that Father Lewis join the church and dissolve his sins.
Father Lewis is currently the oldest travelling member of the Church of Rellian, and is always in search of new exciting adventurers who may seek the wisdom of the church. He was also know to be strong supporter of the Late King and is common knowledge that he even financed his various activities.

Father Lewis

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