Lt. Westfall

Daughter of Barron Westfall and a Lieutenant in the Alliances Army.


Like her father, she is a skilled warrior. 28 years old, 5’4" weighing about 105lbs. She is well versed in history and politics of the empire.


Born into one of the six noble houses of the empire, she is the daughter of Barron Westfall; the leader of the alliance,and heir to the family’s wealth and power. As a child, she was always getting in trouble getting in fights with her siblings. She was even known to play pranks on the towns folk, more specifically the town guards, and was know to hide in a nearby church where Father Lewis was known to stay while visiting her father. On her 18 birthday she joined the imperial army and caught as a foot soldier in the southern rebellion wars where she got her first taste of the cruelty of war. Being of noble descent she rose up the ranks fairly quickly attaining the rank of Lieutenant within a few short year. When the kings sudden disappearance created unrest amongst the people and government, she left the army and stayed with her family until the civil war broke out where she immediately enlisted under her fathers command.
She is generally a friendly person who is known to help those in need.

Lt. Westfall

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